Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small steps can add up to major changes

Every day we scour the internet looking for innovators in the green space. Fortunately, the only real problem is the sheer volume of great people doing great things. Just today I have found phenomenal initiatives like the Bama Green Project being driven by the amazing Dave Matthews Band, which has reduced over 8 million pounds of carbon by doing simple things like getting the band's fans to share cars to get to their concerts. Then there's sites like Carbon Rally that have mobilized a small army of everyday people who commit to making small changes by joining 'challenges' that earn the participants Green Points. These Green Points are accrued and members are ranked based on the amount of carbon they have reduced - all in the spirit of fun and collaboration. The sharing of cars suggested at Bama Green or slowing down by 5 km/hour for a couple of days at Carbon Rally are small and simple ideas, just like Little Green Genie, but by harnessing the power of the internet and the passion of people who care, phenomenal things are being done. 

If we try to take on the whole environmental problem on our own it is overwhelming. The answer it seems is in making small changes in our own lives and sharing those changes with those we share the planet with in the hope that they too might participate. We do make a difference - if we take the action.
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