Friday, August 7, 2009

Pollution in plain sight

The image above could easily be used to promote an environmental campaign. The green grass, the beautiful animals and fine weather. Like me, you will no doubt be surprised to learn that this photo, taken by by National Geographic, is actually Chernobyl.

Unfortunately we humans tend to only deal with issues we can see, however when it comes to climate change, it isn't always obvious and by the time we see the problem it could be too late. It is our hope that through Little Green Genie which enables carbon neutral computing, we can at the very least get people thinking about the less obvious impacts of their everyday actions.

Already Genie users from around the world are telling us how their new "zero carbon computer user" email tag is a consistent reminder to to them about how small things, unseen things, do matter. If that's all we achieve then we are winning.
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