Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Great Way to Reduce Emissions & Save Money

I was picking up a toner cartridge on the weekend and spotted this little device in the "impulse buy" section. What a great invention! It's called "eco button".

How does it work?

The ecobutton™ acts as a strong visual reminder and prompt for you to save electricity each time your computer is going to be left idle. The ecobutton™ is illuminated and sits on your table/desk top next to your keyboard. It connects to your computer via a USB cable.

Each time you take a short or long break, a phone call, go for a meeting etc. you simply press the ecobutton™ and your computer is put into the most efficient energy saving mode available - they call this 'ecomode'.

People generally do not like turning off their computers due to the time it often takes to restart (particularly when hibernate is used). However, with ecobutton™ by simply pressing any key on your keyboard (some computers require a momentary press of the power button) your computer instantly returns to where you left off.

There's also an additional bonus as each time your computer is put into 'ecomode' the clever ecobutton™ software records how many carbon units and how much power and money you have saved by using the ecobutton™. Over time this can add up to quite a lot (especially if you have many computers running in an office) and you can use this data to help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills.

Using the eco-button together with Little Green Genie to offset what you can't reduce is a great way to green your computer!

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