Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here is a great story by Kevin Schueller from the Examiner in Philadelphia. I downloaded the software. Saving money and the environment.

Turning off your computer when you aren’t using it is the most effective way to reduce billions of extra kilowatt hours burned by computers every year. What about when you are using the computer?

According to Columbia University “A typical desktop PC with a 17" flat panel LCD monitor requires about 100 watts -- 65 for the computer and 35 for the monitor. Doesn't sound like much? Left on 24/7 for one year, the system will consume a whopping 874 kWh of electricity. That's enough to release 750 lbs. of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere -- the equivalent of driving 820 miles in an average car.

To reduce power usage by as much as 75 percent, turn off your computer when you won't be using it for an extended period of time and enable power management features during shorter periods of inactivity.”

While your computers power management features are a huge help to a major problem, there is a great free piece of software that can help even better. Verdiem’s Edison software quietly and lightly runs in the background and gives you even more options for keeping your computer’s power consumption down. More than saving the environment, it will also help your wallet.

Just install the free software, and set times for your work day. It will automatically turn off your display, power down the hard drive, and put your computer into hibernation at ideal times. It will even calculate how much money, energy, and CO2 you can save yearly while the software is in use.

Download: Edison
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