Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Green Genie Goes Live

We are very happy to announce the worldwide launch of The team at Little Green Genie has been working around the clock and we are very excited with the first version. The application works for both PC and Mac.

To make a positive impact on the environment it cost on average 1 cent per day to offset your PCs power usage and a once off cost of USD $11 if you choose to offset the manufacturing of the equipment. This is a small price to pay considering the IT industry emits around the same amount of Co2 into the atmosphere as the airline industry and the manufacture of a PC has about the same environmental impact as making a small car.

Our carbon credits are the Rolls Royce of carbon credits. Gold Standard, Audited, renewable energy carbon credits that have the greatest impact on the reduction of global Co2 emissions. For businesses 53% of consumers prefer to buy from a green company, so once you have offset your emissions you can download the Little Green Genie email signatures to communicate your commitment to the environment.

Our software is free and there are no licensing fees.

Go to and hit the sign up tab.

We can be know as the smartest generation that saved the world or the generation that destroyed our planet. So it's over to you. Go make a difference and spread the word.
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